Team Building Through Afro-Peruvian music!

The Afro-Peruvian Sextet has performed and taught master classes thousands of times, in countless settings all over the world.  By using Afro-Peruvian music as the agent of illumination and inspiration, we will show your team how to better communicate, create and lead.  All programs are cross-cultural in nature and are available in English and Spanish.  We are looking forward to working with you and to providing actionable take-aways to help your team triumph!

Team building

Training your team through Afro-Peruvian rhythm based programs in groups ranging in size from 5 to 5,000.   Rhythm teams coalesce into an inspiring “all hands on deck” participatory experience.  Also great as an alternative to a keynote address.

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Within minutes of working with The Afro-Peruvian Sextet, participants will experience flow – the mental state in which a person is fully immersed and focused.  Team members will become more centered, excited, and able to mindfully engage workplace challenges.

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Leadership training

Participants will be coached to conduct a rhythmic symphony.  In so doing, they will experience the power of achieving clarity of expression through crystal-clear communication.  Ideal to empower and reignite executives and innovators.

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Contact us to customize your program:  /  213-200-1420

The Power of Music

How does a mistake become an opportunity? What does it mean to be creative? How do ideas develop? What do you do when you do not have the answer? How do you stay innovative in an environment of deadlines? How do you generate inspiration?  The Afro-Peruvian Sextet would like to challenge you to invite the magic of the band’s energy into your company as we search for the answers to these questions together.


Consider that speech is a tool used to communicate abstract thought.  That is to say, the sound (or shape) of specific words are secondary to the message they are trying to convey. Music is a form of communication that is abstract.  Music has the capacity to reflect who we are as people and as co-workers.  Music does not manipulate, cheat, lie, judge or know right from wrong.  Communicating through and understanding how this medium works can open up new perspectives on how we connect and what we are trying to achieve.


Whether you have people on a factory floor doing repetitive tasks or people researching new and innovative ideas, we will teach the “grammar” of music (rhythm most specifically) as a way of creating a framework for good communication.  There will be very real lasting value in bringing The Afro-Peruvian Sextet into your company as we help you create a stronger team and company culture centered on the most sophisticated and highest level of teamwork imaginable.

The Process

Given a completely new and unfamiliar situation (immersion in an abstract form of art, Afro-Peruvian music) each participant will show their true potential to understand and perform, which in turn will empower them to maximize their output.  When a participant actually lives the experience of their own unknown potential through music, they will trust in themselves and others more readily moving forward.  It’s something each participant will live through, not something we will just say or do.

Our Programs

You don’t have to be a musician or have any prior experience to participate in any of our programs.   Every member of the company will become a drummer by playing one of three seminal Afro-Peruvian percussion instruments:  The cajón (a wooden box drum that you sit on while playing the front surface with your hands), the quijada (literally, the jaw bone of a donkey played with your hands and a small mallet) and the cajita (a small trapezoidal wooden box that is played with a mallet and hung around your neck).   Participants will be actively engaged in a musical setting and get exposed to a variety of communication and risk taking principles.  This process will touch on everything from democratic dialogue to dealing with balance of power, in a very real and visceral way.  No need to be afraid, it’s only drumming!

Learner Outcomes

Here are the learner outcomes that you should expect from our sessions:

  • Learning to identify and trust your creative instincts
  • Tapping into your hidden potential and increasing your contributions to the team
  • Giving voice to your creative ideas for positive results in problem solving and planning
  • Experiencing creativity in a step-by-step process enhancing your individual and group abilities to innovate and problem solve.
  • Creating rhythm compositions that serve as lasting reminders of the team building experience and provide powerful take-aways
  • Increased confidence in your ability to take risks despite fear of failure

Our Pledge

It is our pledge that the therapeutic value of rhythm plus The Afro-Peruvian Sextet’s expert step-by-step guidance will yield a more relaxed, communicative and creative team.  You’ll come away motivated and re-energized by these collaborative team building workshops in which you’ll feel the true potential of your organization come to life before your very eyes. Your participants will move from analytical and critical thinking to full hands-on execution.  And best of all, you’ll be grooving all along!