Quotes from the Press

2015 (10, ZOHO):

“Alegría and company are reigniting Latin jazz for present and future connoisseurs.”  —Hot House

“Dynamic ensemble explores the affinities between modern jazz and the Afro-Latin continuum in Perú.” —The New York Times

“to be loved by progressives and block-party dancers alike.”  —Downbeat

“a well conceived and perfectly executed celebration of culture through music.”  —The New York City Jazz Record

“rhythm-saturated, orchestrally-enticing performances that are the definition of sonic joy.”  —Latino Magazine

“the visceral excitement is as palpable as the listener’s own racing heartbeat” —The Latin Jazz Network

“melodies infused with kaleidoscopic and percolating rhythms” — Keersman Review

“Over a bed of insistent percussion, Leguía and Alegría are haunting in Ornette Coleman’s Lonely Woman.” —Rifftides

“A stroke of genius is evident…” —Jazz Weekly

HOT HOUSE Magazine, people’s choice Band of the Year award

NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD’S 2015 Latin Jazz Album of the Year award


2013 (Ciudad de los Reyes, SAPONEGRO):

“The Sextet knows its mission well, and has the execution down to a science.” -The New York Times

“A Band whose time has come to shine like no other.” -The Latin Jazz Network

“It’s that rare thing: a real jazz record that swings in an honestly original way.” —All About Jazz

“The sextet should satisfy the most discriminating Latin jazz lover.”  —Critical Jazz

“A fascinating project!”  —El Nuevo Día

“The group’s stunning new CD, Ciudad de los Reyes, represents a culmination of their efforts to establish Afro-Peruvian jazz as a genre unto itself.” —Jazz Corner


2010 (Pucusana, SAPONEGRO):

“The Afro-Peruvian Sextet is writing a new chapter in the history of Latin Jazz” —Rifftides

“a highly sympatico blend of North American improv and South American beats.” —The Wall Street Journal

“deeply funky 12/8 rhythm!” —Hartford Advocate

“The group sounds ecstatic. Feeling and knowledge comes through.” —DOWNBEAT

“The sextet gels at every turn, crackling with interactive energy.” —The Latin Jazz Corner

“Exotica to the max and righteous throughout.” —Midwest Record


 2008 (Nuevo Mundo, SAPONEGRO):

” Gabriel Alegría teases out affinities between modern jazz and the African-influenced coastal music of his native Peru.”   —The New York Times

“a fascinating glimpse into how jazz is fusing with regional music around the world” —LA Weekly

“An immersion in the black music of Peru’s coastal regions.” —Time Out New York

“Trumpeter Gabriel Alegria stands poised to introduce Afro-Peruvian Jazz to the world.” —All About Jazz

“Peruvian trumpeter Gabriel Alegría champions Afro-Peruvian music. The hip asymmetrical bass line of Alegría’s El Norte is goaded by wonderful hand percussion and stickmanship on cajita from Hugo Alcázar and Freddy “Huevito” Lobatón.”   —DOWNBEAT Magazine

“An Inspiring mixture of Jazz and Afro-Peruvian Music.” —The Latin Jazz Corner

Nuevo Mundo is a luxurious recording, an album that is a must reference.  This recording reveals with intensity the powerful African influence on Peruvian music.” —La República

“Nuevo Mundo should be the catalyst that marks the start of Afro-Peruvian jazz music’s flight to the international stage.” —El Comercio

“Every once in awhile there comes a musician who, when playing his or her chosen instrument, seems to carry within a vital life-force that is irrepressible. —Latin Jazz Network

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