Tour Peru – Behind the Scenes

Perú Behind the Scenes:  A deep dive into the living and breathing culture of Afro-Peruvian Jazz Music.

Book a call to see if this experience may be right for you.  Each tour is limited to 10-12 participants.   CLICK HERE! (its free!)

We help connect music lovers with a totally unique and transformative immersion in jazz culture by giving them exclusive access and insights into the life and performances of a real Afro-Peruvian jazz band on a 10-day tour.

While on tour with Gabriel and The Afro-Peruvian Sextet, participants can count on…

  • Experiencing direct access to Afro-Peruvian music and musicians in workshops and master classes
  • Feeling one with Peru, its people and musical culture
  • Feeling the love, joy & new friendship from people who are just like you, in love with music!
  • Engaging people in Peruvian culture and acquiring unique and unembellished insight.
  • Getting lessons on Afro-Peruvian musical instruments from the master artists in the band.
  • Supporting local communities directly and seeing their support change lives in real time.
  • Accessing the true criollo culture of Peruvian people
  • Making friends for life with six of the world’s premier exponents of Afro-Peruvian jazz music.
  • Getting to know the band’s entourage including members of the press, politicians, restaurateurs, owners of clubs & theaters, architects and archaeologists.
  • Gaining spiritual Energy through our Shaman’s workshop in Cusco/Macchu Picchu
  • Enjoying the best seafood on the planet through lessons from local chefs and restaurateurs

You can probably imagine we need to be a little picky about who we travel with.  And so do you!   CLICK HERE! (its free!) to book a phone call so we can determine (together) whether this experience is right for you.


What do we do on tour?

Enjoy this day-by-day schedule for a typical “Tour Peru” experience — and click “Pricing and Registration” above for more info about when you can join us next and to book your “Breakthrough to Peru” phone call with us!

Day 1


Welcome to Perú! Upon waking and after breakfast, we embark on a tour of Lima and nearby sites including the “Huaca Puccllana”, an ancient archeological site right in the middle of Miraflores! Our tour will be guided by noted Peruvian Archeologist Carlos Olivera, covering sites as diverse as adobe constructios from 700AD to Spanish Colonial architecture in downtown Lima. After the tour we will have lunch at a choice restaurant called Punto Azul and return to our hotel, rest and prepare for our evening concert and cultural experience.

Day 2

A mid morning master class on Afro-Peruvian jazz music by Dr. Gabriel Alegría will link this traditional art form with jazz music in preparation for the evening concert. One of our favorite activities is a ceviche making lesson, curated by the chefs and cooks led by Julio Cesar Luna, influential Peruvian restauranteer and owner of Punto Azul. An early evening walk to the San Isidro district will include a stop for ice cream at Laritza D’ (arguably the best ice cream parlor on planet earth). Try lucuma ice cream! We will enjoy an evening concert by the Gabriel Alegría Afro-Peruvian Sextet.

Day 3

After breakfast we will participate in master guitarrist Yuri Juarez’s lecture demonstration and discussion about Afro-Peruvian musical traditions. Lunch will take place overlooking the Pacific Ocean, followed by an afternoon visit to the temple of Pachacamac and nearby ruins. Archeologist Carlos Olivera will be on hand to answer questions and provide a behind the scenes experience. Depending on schedules, we may even get to see an actual archeological dig in progress!

Day 4

By now you may want some free time during the day for shopping, relaxing, sharing videos and pictures, facebooking, etc. We will provide you with many excellent alternatives. In the evening we will attend La Peña Don Porfirio, where traditional Afro-Peruvian music is cultivated in the quaint Barranco District of Lima. This is Huevito’s weekly hang and features the best Lomo Saltado in all of Perú!.

Day 5

We will transfer to the home and peña of legendary Criollo musician José “Pepe” Villalobos Cavero in the La Victoria district of Lima. This afternoon will give us insight and a true glimpse of criollo and Afro-Peruvian musical culture in all of its splendor. Don Pepe’s warm and loving family provide lunch and present memorable entertainment including the best of Lima’s criollo artists. This is a closed door experience (you would never find the place as there are no signs on the tiny street or don Pepe’s house). Ending time is unpredictable!

Day 6

Lima is a fast rising, world-class culinary destination. We will have an assortment of restaurants and bars that we will visit including Peruvian sushi, Peruvian style pasta, seafood and barbeque. Fasting the day before after Don Pepe’s meal may be a good option! We will include interviews with chefs and restaurateers who will personally explain the food, preparation and ingredients found in their renditions of various Peruvian food classics.

Day 7

All good things come to an end so we will coordinate our good-byes and transfers to the airport on an individual basis. This is a day to reflect, share and relax before travel. Last minute shopping is minutes away so we will happily help you with that as well. There is an amazing artisan store called Dédalo which is a must, even if you don’t buy anything!

Day 8 – 11. Cusco & Machu Picchu

Considered to be one of the seven wonders of the universe, Cusco & Machu Picchu stand alone on our planet as the most formidable archaelogical structures of early civilization. “The Lost City of the Incas” stands where the Andes mountains meet the Amazon jungle, generating a spectacular climate. Professionally curated bilingual tours will take us through the history and current scholarship regarding Cusco and Machu Picchu which are two of the most fascinating destinations in the world.



2019 Tour Perú – Behind the Scenes dates:

TOUR #1:            January  9 – 19

TOUR #2:            June 28 – July 9

2020 Tour Perú – Behind the Scenes dates:

TOUR #1:  June 19 – June 29 (alumni only tour)

TOUR #2:  July 10 – July 20

This tour is immersive and constitutes a deep-dive into a living and breathing musical culture…  So, we’ve found over the years that in order to make sure we are a good fit for each other, we should spend a little time on the phone.

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Then book a call with us now! (It’s totally free)

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Each of these tours is limited to about 10-12 participants, so you can imagine that we need to all be on the same page!



“Peru with Gabriel and the band was a dream come true. I truly enjoyed seeing the country, the people, the food and hearing the MUSIC!! An added bonus was the excellent side excursion to Machu Picchu with our own shaman.” —Peter Bray, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“A truly once-in-a-lifetime, amazing experience. Tour Peru is fun, interesting, well-organized, and immersive. Peru is a fascinating and gorgeous country, the food was delicious, plus jazz fans are fun people and I made lifelong friends from this trip.” —Jaime Levine, New York, NY, USA


“Tour Peru lived up to its promise to show us a side of Peru we would never see on any other tour. Enjoy!” —Noel Genova, Portland, MN, USA


“It was perfect. Pictures at the street concert, the rushing river in the mountains, the food (and drinks), the icy water cave cleansing… y’all come back to me often!” —Joyce Klein, Gambier, OH, USA

“So much to see and do. What a great way to learn about another culture. So interesting and engaging. And then there was all. that. ja-a-azzz!” —Christine Land, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“The tour was fantastic. I went with my 26 year-old daughter and we both enjoyed ourselves. I was impressed with the music, variety of cultural venues and experiences that were provided.” —Marcia Foutch, Minneapolis, MN, USA

“The best part was the workshops. As I musician I loved learning about the music and culture. Their instructors were just like the band: top-notch artists, wonderful communicators, and lovely people!” —Kelly Armor, Erie, PA, USA